Well-thought-out installation concepts save time

Modular enclosures can offer many benefits over traditional unibody containers. Both modular and unibody sections were designed to house industrial components and protect them from outside. They also protect against electric shock to operators. As it is known, a unibody enclosure is manufactured from a single unit. On the other hand, a modular section is made up of multiple units.

Frames and Racks consist of metal forms with pre-drilled holes. They are spaced at standard units of measurement so that common accessories can be added to either the interior or exterior. Modular frames can be joined together to make multiple modular enclosure system configurations. Additionally, rails can be attached to the edge, allowing panels to slide into the front, back, or sides.

External components can be easily attached to modular enclosure frames. These components can include top, back, side covers and base, panels, and doors. Modular structures allow for a broader range of door placement options, making them easy to access and allowing for future modifications. A modular enclosure can easily be modified with interior components. These include shelves and sliding shelves and mounting panels, subpanels, drawers, and drawers. A modular section is flexible and can be installed or removed as necessary.

Cable Entry Cabinets are narrow, full-height cabinets that can be attached to the side of a modular frame that has been specifically designed to house a cable management system. Cable entry cabinets can be fitted with pre-drilled holes that allow fasteners or wire tires. Shelves and Racks consist of metal forms with pre-drilled holes. These holes can be positioned at standard units of measurement to accommodate common accessories. Modular structures can be joined together to make multiple configurations. Additionally, rails can be attached to the frame, allowing panels to be moved from the enclosure’s sides, front, or rear.

The industrial enclosure protects control components from environmental rigors, including heat, humidity, chemicals, and dirt. Additionally, the section should protect all employees working near equipment under control (“EUC”) from electric shock.

It may sound simple, but this becomes complex when you consider other constraints, such as thermal loading, footprint, and different dimensions. It may take some effort to figure all of this out. Next, you must ensure that your budget is sufficient to cover the cost.

Today’s machines are modularized more often than ever. Once the base machine has been designed, customers can add or subtract from it. With modular machine design, a modular enclosure design makes sense as well.

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