Tips for New International Students

Some of these items might be considerably cheaper in other countries. The benefit of the first is that your mom or dad might pay for the purchase if you add it to the shopping cart. You might have several housing options for your study abroad program. This could be anything from a shared apartment to an international university MBBS in Abroad dorm to a homestay. Although there are many choices, there is no right or incorrect choice when choosing your overseas living arrangements.

We recommend that students find housing that is less isolated than a private one for them to have an immersive and memorable experience. It’s a powerful experience to engage with people from other countries, whether they are local or not. You should consult your doctor before you travel to study abroad if you take prescription medications. It is unlikely that your study abroad destination will have the right drugs for you.

You can find over-the-counter medications anywhere, but they may have different names. A quick Google search will help you locate the right pharmacy. It’s possible to be delighted by how many familiar pharmaceutical brands are available in your study abroad destination.

Don’t panic if medical care is required abroad. You will find that most foreign countries offer decent medical services. Your passport and insurance card should be taken with you to the hospital. Most likely, you will need to cover the medical expenses upfront. You can then claim them through your insurance. The student shares the responsibility of studying abroad. You will need to be able to adapt and function in another culture. This could influence how you dress, speak and interact with the locals.

Travelers must practice sensitivity on their travels. Otherwise, you could offend others or cause a negative impression. Your study abroad resident programming staff will likely be your first point of contact if you find yourself in trouble while abroad. However, in an emergency, it’s best to call your country’s Embassy directly. Keep the number and address of the location handy in case of an emergency. This will help avoid confusion.

Be aware that if you are caught in an illegal act while studying abroad, there is not much you, your family, your friends, or the program staff can do. This is true. You’ll be in a foreign country. Don’t try to violate any laws.

You need to check off many details before your study abroad trip is officially launched. Similar to the advice above, here is a list of steps to make studying abroad easy. You will need to get your passport and visa, check all immunization requirements at your destination, and schedule a visit with your doctor for a physical. Make sure to book your flights and get your campus ducks in line. Register for your next semester and confirm your housing. Purchase your travel insurance and place travel alerts on all your bank cards. Get an international phone plan.

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