working in cannabis sounds like a dream come true

The interview process is often compared to the Bachelor. Employers get to meet potential candidates and assess their abilities before giving a rose to the right match. What few people realize is that the interview is often the candidate’s first impression of the company and how they will be managed. It is crucial to provide a clear view of the job and company. Both parties should get the most from this opportunity.

When communicating with candidates leading up to interviews, be responsive.┬áRespecting the time of the candidate by being punctual at scheduled meetings and calls is essential.┬áCandidates will lose their interest if they feel they don’t have the priority how to get a job in the cannabis industry of the hiring manager. This is also a sign of how employees are treated at the company.┬áCandidates should discuss the company’s mission, values, corporate culture and how it differs from other companies.

It is important to be clear about your job, the responsibilities and what you can expect at work. This will ensure that the candidate understands the requirements of their job. Candidats who can’t provide this level of detail will be weeded out. Open-ended questions regarding the job or industry will give you a good idea of the candidate’s personality. If the candidate is new to the industry ask them what motivates them to work in it. This will help you distinguish those who are passionate and those who want to work in a job that pays a salary until something better.

Every employer strives to reduce costs wherever possible. Most employers can cut costs by offering minimum wage for entry-level employees and the lowest salary possible to others. Although this is a great way to cut costs, it’s not a great strategy for employee retention or building dependable and loyal employees.

You should also consider how much time and money it will take to fix high employee turnover rates. Costs to replace employees can exceed 50% of the employee’s salary. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is contrary to the idea of cutting expenses. It’s a great way for companies to retain staff. But it’s also crucial in attracting top talent. Employers should regularly conduct research on the wages paid by similar businesses in their region. This will ensure that employees are paid fairly for their experience and skills.

A startup or small cannabis company may offer perks for employees and candidates. Offer discounts, training and education, tradeshow travel opportunities, flexible vacation and vacation times, and even telecommuting options. You should know that cannabis is highly regulated and requires thorough background checks. Failure to follow regulations can lead to fines and even business closure.

Any business will find it difficult to hire staff. It won’t be easy to recruit for the cannabis industry. Working with a PEO helps many companies overcome this seemingly impossible task. These professionals will help with everything from creating a hiring plan to posting the right job opportunities, to ensuring that the best candidates are recruited. Greenleaf HR offers consultations to assist with talent acquisition.

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