What can I do on a Secret Atlas Antarctic Expedition?

Expeditions of twenty days or more are available for people with a long holiday and the desire to explore this wilderness in depth. In addition to Antarctic Peninsula days, these extended voyages visit the Falkland Islands with their rich wildlife and South Georgia’s otherworldly landscape.

A voyage on an expedition ship is the ideal way to fully immerse oneself in Antarctica. The expedition ships are smaller and more intimate than cruise ships. They allow you to get up close to the Antarctic continent and walk among the famous do people live in antarctica glacial landscapes.

There are often 500-2,000 passengers on larger cruise ships. Expedition ships, on the other hand, carry only 70-200 passengers. They never take more than 200. This is in line with regulations for tourism on the 7th Continent. It also allows for a much wider variety of activities. For example, daily landings are possible on islands, the actual continent, and even intimate Zodiac tours among wildlife and icebergs. Larger cruise ships are unable to offer this type of Antarctic Peninsula exploration.

Antarctica’s expedition ships are equipped with reinforced hulls, which are classified as ice-class. This means that they have been designed to handle small iceberg fragments and bits of sea ice. Due to the harsh conditions on the continent, the ships are built to last for several weeks and be able to maneuver the changing landscape of Antarctica.

Expedition trips are akin to sailing voyages from the past, in that everything is planned and prepared before the trip, giving the traveler freedom, flexibility, and spontaneity, as well as the ability to capitalize on favorable weather conditions and wildlife sightings.

You can choose from a variety of vessels, depending on your preferences for adventure, size, and accommodations. Research or a call to a Polar Travel Advisor can assist you in choosing the ship that best suits your needs.

Antarctica offers daily excursions that allow you to leave the ship to experience the natural environment. As you sail along the Antarctic Peninsula and the Falkland Islands, as well as South Georgia’s coastline, many voyages will make landfall. This allows for the opportunity to walk around with seals and penguins, hike to the highest vantage point to see the enormity of the wilderness, or simply relax in a cathedral surrounded by wildlife and glaciers. On top of that, there are daily Zodiac (small inflatable watercraft) cruises to discover icebergs with intricate carvings as well marine life such as seals, whales, and penguins.

Travelers can personalize the journey by adding adventure activities. There are also overnight camping excursions on the ice where you can truly “disconnect”. Antarctica offers a range of different options to suit any schedule. These include “express” trips with flights from the Antarctic Peninsula to the continent in eight days or longer and epic explorations on the sub-Antarctic Islands and continent.

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