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If you’re a newbie, one of the League of Legends Tips you need to know is the basic map. Once you have mastered these basic concepts, it will be easier to tell your teammates the exact position. League of Legends’ map is divided into three lane segments: top, middle and bottom. Jungle is located between the lanes. The team bases are usually located in the upper left corner and lower right corners. The champion of each team and where the player chooses to start the game will often determine your position within the team.

Choose one side and play it. In general, each team will have at least one winning lane. If your Botlane is Jinx + Janna and the Toplane is Darius vs. singled, then you will know what to focus on in the beginning. The weak and strong sides may switch depending bgx script on the power spikes of specific champions or the number of kills an ally has.

Now, lane swaps serve two distinct purposes. First, you can use it to get out of a bad matchup. The second is that Top and Bot are swapped after a crucial objective is taken like the dragon or the first turret. Lane swaps can be used to interchange Toplane and Midlane. You need to swap your Top/Mid if you are out-smarted in the champion selection. If the Botlane has objectives nearby, you can use their strength to destroy the Toplane’s turrets and Shelly.

Imagine your waves of minion as shields, protecting you from the damage that enemy turrets or minions can cause. You should always let friendly minions go in front of you when you are near them. This will allow the minions to absorb damage, while you can focus on your abilities and specific targets. This is a League of Legends tip for advanced players.

The most important stat is Attack Damage if your chosen champion is primarily focused on dealing physical damage, rather than using abilities. This is true for all top-lane and marksmen champions. Auto attacks do not have a cooldown or mana costs, so they are always doing physical damage. You may have seen League of Legends being played live on stream and want to play at a high level.

There is no quick way to become good at League of Legends. When it comes to League of Legends knowledge is key. The game has a ton of content, which we have only touched on. This is just the tip of the Iceberg. You can build a solid foundation by mastering the basics. Even if you meet the minimum requirements, you should avoid playing ranked matches until you’ve gained a good deal of experience.

The next step after you have done this is to fully master one of your champions. If you choose to main a particular champion (meaning you use it as an alternate most of the time), you can also become an OTP. This means you know that champion better than its creators.

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