the few phone mounts that pay any attention to appearance

In the last few years we have tested all the possible combinations of car phone mountings. Cupholders, dash mounting, windshield mounting, vent mounting, magnetic and suction cup mounts are all available.

Why did you test so many different phone mounts for your phones? We’ve been disappointed with the majority. Dash pads can peel away in the heat or cold, vent clips fall to the ground, and suction cups are not reliable. Some work but come with drawbacks that you will not notice until they are in the car. For example, the Schosche, above. It has been stuck but doesn’t allow enough adjustment to place the phone at a comfortable position.

Using the best phone holders for cars is not just important, it’s also convenient. The use of a cell phone is responsible for 27% fatal crashes in cars, while distracted driving remains the number one safety concern. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto require you to keep your eyes on Go Now the dash. This is true whether it’s a factory-installed stereo or an aftermarket system. Many newer cars lack this capability. The best car mount will raise your phone up and bring it closer to you. Although it is not as convenient as not having your smartphone, for many people this is the most practical option.

We bought the top-rated car phone holders after comparing user experiences and reading reviews. Installing and driving with them all, we chose the best. We didn’t like all of them, and our Editor’s pick and second choice were equally as good but ranked by their price or intended purpose.

Lisen Magnetic Phone Mount was the first vent mount that we tested and it really worked. The Lisen magnetic phone mount is different from other vent mounts. Most have small arms which try to grip the vanes with friction. But the Lisen has a ratcheting lock that actually secures the device to your vent. The Lisen uses an arm that has an extendable hook at the end. This reaches back and grasps the vent vanes. Then you turn the knob and wind it up, securing it. Even heavy phones will not droop with the angle adjustment’s locking ring.

You will need to attach a metal plate on the back of your smartphone, just like with any other magnetic mount. You can put it in a thin phone case. However, magnetic forces decrease with distance and your phone may slip. If you have the phone on the outside it may still slide down, particularly if it is a large device. Lisen’s kit is very comprehensive, including a set of mounts as well as small and large plates and prep pads to prepare the adhesive. Lisen also has better instructions than its competitors (looking at Ram Mounts).

A Cell Phone Seat is a great option if you want to keep your charging port clear and your phone out of the way. The innovative cup-holder device allows you to hold your drink while using your smartphone. It can be used in any vehicle, including cars, trucks, RVs, and boats. The base is flexible enough to fit in cup holders from 3-4 inches.

Cell Phone Seat is designed to securely support any mobile phone, vertically or in a horizontal position, regardless of whether it’s covered or has bulky accessories. Even a tablet can be held. The Cell Phone Seat can be used by children as well. It is perfect for parents who want to follow directions while driving. Install it in the cup holder of your backseat and let kids watch videos without having to hold their phones.

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