Styling Your Human Hair Wig

It’s time to fashion your wig! Don’t worry it’s no longer as hard as it is able to appear. You best need to be careful with managing your wig. There is a distinction in the styling techniques relying on in case your wig is made of human or artificial hair. Today I will talk styling human hair wigs.

Styling a Human Hair Straight Wig

A human hair wig is styled just like your personal hair. You can curl it with heated rollers, a curling iron, or even straighten it with a flat iron. I do advocate the usage of wig products for a human hair wig despite the fact that regular products seem to paintings too. It’s simply nice to be safe and now not have any doubts. I propose putting the human hair wig on a wig stand or wig head and style it as even though you have been styling a patron’s hair in a salon. Be cautious and don’t use an excessive amount of warmth. You would now not need to burn your client’s hair might you?

I use a cord wig brush on my immediately human hair wigs due to the fact I don’t need to damage the hair in any manner. For a immediately wig use a twine brush to detangle the wig first earlier than styling. Take a small phase of the hair to your finger recommendations and gently spray the entire phase with a setting lotion before adding heat. Use a flat iron to straighten the hair from the crown of your head to the ends. Remember, no longer too warm! After you’ve got straightened the entire wig allow it cool off before brushing or combing it. You can spray your wig with oil sheen spray after the wig has cooled off. Some people like to spray the wig with oil sheen once they comb it but I love to do it earlier than. It makes the wig a lot greater viable and high priced while you comb or brush it. If you are combing the wig use a wide teeth comb. It works better and it would not pull on the wig. I do not endorse using holding spray due to the fact it could make the hair stiff or sticky. At the quit of the day place your wig on a wig stand. You can brush it, comb it, or shake it and depart it by myself for the night time.

Styling a Human Hair Curly Wig

If you’re styling a human hair curly wig you can use heated rollers or a curling iron. Some curly wigs maintain their fashion and also you don’t need to use any form of warmth on them at all. Just use your finger hints to fluff up your curls, spray them with a bit oil sheen spray, shake your wig and go. I don’t advocate selecting your curls in any respect, this may reason your wig to frizz and lose its curl. Mousse works very well if you are trying to reap a wet look. Carry a small spray bottle with water in it to preserve your curls searching clean for the duration of the day. Please spray your hair in a personal region, such as a restroom or within the car. I think it would be rude to others now not to. I do not suggest the usage of maintaining spray on curly wigs but it is as much as you. I assume curls must appearance natural and waft now not stiff and fake. If you are the use of heated rollers or a curling iron please use a medium to low putting and usually use setting lotion before making use of heat. It makes a global of difference in conserving your curl and stopping damage in your wig.

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