Start Today Making Money Online Using Affliate Programs

Affiliates are ordinary people like you and me who promote other peoples products or services. If they make a sale from the person salepage that you have referred to them you will get a percentage of that sale, called commission.

There are many website out there that offer an affiliate program for you to join. When you join you will be supplied with your very own personal affiliate link that you will use to promote their products or services. Included within the link will be your own unique affiliate ID, this is how the website knows who to pay.

Follow these steps to starting an affiliate program.

Step 1 – Join an Affiliate Program

Well of course the first thing you must do to become an affiliate is join an affiliate program. The quickest way to do is to do a search at here you will find at least 10,000 different types products or services or to promote.

Do A Little Bit Of Research

Flavor Of The Month – Before you go ahead and take the plunge and choose an affiliate program, always try and do a little bit of research. What you need to find out is which products or services are most popular at the moment. You do not want to find one that is least popular or you will hardy make any commission.

Are they Converting Well – Just because a product or service is getting loads of visitors doesn’t mean to say that they are converting them into potential customers. What you need to check as well as popularity is the conversion rate. What you are looking for is a conversion rate or 5% or above. This means for every 100 people that you refer to them at least 5 people will buy.

How good is their sales pitch? – The only way I know how you can do this is by going to their website and checking out the salepages. That way you will also know if will convert visitors into buyers

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Don’t forget to look out for the next chapter in this article. Step 2 – Start Promoting Your Affiliate Program

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