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There’s no single way to live, but there are many ways you can improve your relationships with others, work more efficiently, and achieve your goals in life. If you can see clearly where you want to go in your career, on a project, or in your personal life, every decision you make will help you move closer or farther from your goal. You may have difficulty making significant decisions if you don’t know where you are going.” –Alexis Robin (co-founder of pLink Coaching Center).

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about a situation. Instead of reacting to someone who brings up an idea from last year as if it were new, say, “I said that last summer, and you rejected it.” Or, try saying, “That sounds very similar to what I mentioned last year.” I need your help to understand why this idea is different. Here are Yumi Perkins Coaching Denver ways that you can be less judgmental.

“People have their strengths, and that is where they should put their energy. Sometimes clients believe they must be good at everything as they climb the work ladder. It leads to them spending lots of time on tasks they don’t excel at when they could be delegated. Trust me; you don’t want a charismatic visionary CEO doing the spreadsheets.” Alexis Robin

Pay close attention to your body to find out what’s working and what’s not in your life. What tasks are you most afraid of? What do you find challenging? What makes your stomach feel tight and heavy to the core? What makes your body feel tired? Your body is telling your body what you need to do more. You can find ways to reduce the time you waste on things you hate.

 You can also look at what makes your heart sing. Which tasks are your favorite? Do you feel satisfied when you finish a job? Do you find it easy to do something that gives you a sense of flow? These are the areas you should be focusing on in your daily life. Few people can arrange their lives to have only satisfying and enjoyable responsibilities. However, anyone can change the balance and make their days more enjoyable by focusing on what makes them happy. It’s the key to a happy and fulfilled life.” — Jill Whitney, LMFT therapist and author of Keep Talking

My first tip is to help my clients build positive relationships. I have worked with clients with PTSD and anxiety, depression, stress, fear, and other emotions. They are often shocked when I tell them ‘Great!’ Despite what they have been taught, it is not necessary to eliminate these emotions. Instead, embrace them, harness their power, and let them work for you.

“Many people feel controlled and in control of their lives. I advise clients who feel overwhelmed or out of balance to cut down on at least half of their daily tasks. To make it happen, be creative. Many people initially think that they are incapable of doing it. The truth is that you can, and many people do when they want to. When you canme time for reflection, it is important to be delibdeliberateould go back on the plate and which value or goal it is meeting.” –Sally Anne Giedrys (life and work reinvention coach) based in Portland, Oregon. These are ten traits that make highly successful people.

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