Perfume Tips: Why Perfumes And Colognes Smell Different

Different makes of colognes and perfumes all smell different, depending on their odor classification and if they are made for men or women. The smell of fragrances can also depend on the perfume maker or brand. For instance, some brands might focus on    Make your perfume sentosa,   specific niches like fruity and youthful blends and others on the more mature oriental type perfumes.

Moreover, the market place is big enough to accommodate many branches of the perfume industry. There is plenty of room for the type of creativity that allows the famous perfume houses to keep coming up with new fragrances and continue to add to their line of best selling perfumes. Now let’s take a look at the factors that determines the differences in the smells of perfumes and colognes.

The Concentration

The smell of perfumes and colognes are determined by the concentration level of the aromatic compounds used in the scent. As a rule, colognes are made at a lower concentration than eau de toilette, eau de perfume and perfume. This means that, the lower the concentration, the lighter the scent, and the higher the concentration; the stronger the scent. Perhaps the easiest way to work out the strength of a fragrance is to see if it’s one created for men or women. Perfumes for men are generally made to be lighter in strength than those made for women.

The Perfume Ingredients

The selection process of deciding what goes in a blend is not a definite art. It is a system that is still being continuously improved, right from the early days of  till today. The perfume ingredients used in a fragrance play a key role in the end result of the scent. In the early days, manufacturers mostly used natural ingredients in their perfumes such as flowers, leaves, spices, fruits, nuts, resins and animal secretions. It is estimated that only 2,000 of the 250,000 known flowering plant species contain these essential oils and therefore the use of synthetic chemicals is needed in order to create more scents.


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