HVAC for Beginners Smart Tips for New Homeowners

The condenser and evaporator are two components of central air conditioners. The condenser unit is typically located outside the house on a concrete slab. Above the furnace, the evaporator is located in the plenum or main duct junction.

Most central air conditioners connect to a home’s forced-air distributor system. Cool air is distributed from the conditioning system using the same motor, blower, ductwork, and ductwork as heating. Hot air from the house flows through the return-air pipe to the furnace whenever a central AC conditioner operates. The blower moves hot air through the plenum, which is cooled by the evaporator coil. After that, the according to Irish Heating and Air hot air is delivered to the house via ducts. The distribution system may be why the air conditioner isn’t cooling the home.

Both the condenser as well as the evaporator must be sealed. A professional service person should be contacted for any maintenance beyond routine cleaning. Central air conditioners need to be checked and adjusted professionally every cooling season. This annual inspection should not be the end of your care. Although there aren’t many repairs that you can make, there are some maintenance procedures you can use to ensure your system is running at its peak.

The central air system’s evaporator is directly above the furnace in the plenum. Although the evaporator might not be visible, you should clean it at least once per year. The plenum may have foil-wrapped insulation on its front. However, it can be cleaned. It should not be opened if the plenum is a closed sheet metal box. Here are some tips for cleaning an accessible evaporator.

Most air-conditioning systems have a condenser unit outside of the house. This can cause dirt and dust to build up from lawn mowing and trees. A fan circulates air through the condenser coil. Clean the ring on your intake side. Here’s how you clean the condenser

Use a soft brush to clean the fins of any dirt and grime. You might need to remove the protective grille to reach them. It would be best not to use the garden hose to clean the fins. The water could cause dirt to turn into mud and compress it between the fins. It would help if you washed your fins with care as they are made of lightweight aluminum and can easily be damaged. Use fin comb to straighten fins that have been bent. This fin comb is sold at most appliance shops. A fin comb is made to fit between fins. It would be best if you used it sparingly to protect your fins.

To prevent leaf and ice damage, protect outside condenser units from the elements in the fall and winter. You can cover the condenser unit using commercial condenser covers made to fit the team’s form, or you can use heavy-duty plastic sheeting tied with a strong cord. You may have a refrigerant problem if you don’t get cool air after cleaning everything. You can find out what to do next.

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