Drink Water to Keep Your Body in Peak Condition During Your Sessions

Parkour jams are a great way to get started. The community is very supportive and friendly. You will get tips from people who have been doing it for a while and someone to help you with complicated moves. If you fall, you’ll also have someone to help you to the hospital. You can find parkour meetups in the most significant cities on Meetup.com or the American Parkour forums. If you live near one, a parkour club like Tempest Freerunning Academy is a great place to start. Although these gyms are relatively new and few are available right now, more will open up over the coming years as the sport grows in popularity.

Avoid taking unnecessary risks. You want to have fun and push yourself outside your comfort zone without causing injury. Before you start any movement, ask yourself: “How can this be done without injuring myself?” Train with a group of people or a partner to help you spot parkour berlin complex moves and get assistance if necessary. Check the environment for hazards before you start training. Don’t be stupid.

You don’t have to do the same crazy flips or aerials as those around you. Do not try to do too many things at once. Your body will adjust to the physical demands of parkour poses. Once you have mastered the basics, don’t try to master more complex moves. The related point is that you shouldn’t be so confident in your ability to master every action that it distracts you from the essential things. Pride is better than the fall. And in parkour, that can be painful.

Parkour should only be done in public places like parks or city plazas. Avoid high pedestrian traffic times. If someone asks you to move, say so politely. Parkour is an unfamiliar and new sport in the U.S. Parkour is a unique sport in the United States. Parkour requires the ability to balance. Parkour involves walking on small spaces, such as rails or wall edges. It would be best to strengthen your coordination and muscle strength to avoid falling to the ground—balance by walking and standing on rails. To improve your credit, you might consider slacklining.

You must run to avoid being pursued by zombies and criminals in urban environments. Parkour requires you to be able to run fast and have endurance. Parkour training regularly will prepare you for running. However, it is worth adding 5K runs or wind sprints to help speed things up. Tic-tacs can be described as a combination of a wall climb and a jump. This technique can take you higher than you would with a jump. Tic-Tacs is a technique you’ve likely seen in martial arts movies and American Ninja Warrior. This is where someone runs at an angle toward a wall and places one foot on the wall. Then, they push off with their foot to jump to higher levels. Tic-Tacs can be used with other movements.

Drop is an active jump between a higher and lower level. If you are starting parkour, don’t drop from any height above your head. Master landing is essential (see below), and your body must be conditioned to handle the stress of dropping from high places.

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