Best Restaurants Upper East Side

We’re going to explore every inch of this chic and charming neighborhood in honor of moving. It’s not just the Upper East Side that has great shopping. There are also Central Park, famous museums, restaurants and bars. The Guggenheim is a great way to continue your Upper East Side art tour. On 88th and Fifth Avenue, the museum is housed in a Frank Lloyd Wright designed space.

The Guggenheim is currently hosting a Jackson Pollock Mural exhibit, as well as Re/Projections. This video, film and performance art event takes place in the rotunda of the building. Entry is only possible with timed tickets, so make sure you plan ahead.

It became obvious that the Italian upper east side charming courtyards and sidewalk cafes should remain permanent. While sipping on an Aperol Spritz, you can enjoy the Lafayette Street crowds. When the West Village streets, lined with brownstones and cafes are blocked off to traffic, it is an idyllic experience. Brooklyn’s backyard spaces are transformed into outdoor oasis that can transport you for the evening to Oaxaca or Naples. It was soon clear that outdoor dining and open streets were going to be a thing of the past.

You’ll be able to access the Central Park Reservoir by entering Central Park through the entrance across the street. The reservoir in New York City is worth visiting whether you have been there a hundred times before or not. The trees provide a beautiful view of Central Park South’s skyline, and the water will sparkle if it is a nice day. You can enjoy the Great Lawn after a walk around the reservoir. It is only a few minutes away. Spread out a picnic blanket, bring a book or magazine and some cool drinks.

William Greenberg, a local favorite in Brooklyn’s neighborhood, serves some of the finest black-and-white cookies around. It’s New York City’s unofficial cookies, which is saying something. Since 1946, the shop has been a part of New Yorkers’ holidays and celebrations. You can find black and whites as well as cupcakes, fruit pies, cakes and tarts such as rugelach and linzer, babka and hot cross buns.

You can walk from Sfoglia to the restaurant after a drink. You should make a reservation. It is popular with locals and usually gets full quickly. This is a small, intimate restaurant that has a collection of wooden tables and chandeliers. Food is delicious. You must get the chicken.

The Upper East Side is a popular neighborhood on television shows such as Gossip Girl. But I am here to prove that there’s so much more than you see on the screen. The Upper East Side, while a great place to call home, is also a must-see for visitors to NYC. Since I’ve lived in the Upper East Side of Manhattan for more than four years, my goal is to show you the very best the area has to offer.

This guide will not only share the best experiences, but also provide you with historical information and logistical details that you can use to plan your Upper East Side trip!

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