Automotive detailing is a fairly a self-explanatory procedure

Store all your loose personal belongings in the car for the rest of the day. Remove your floormats, and then vacuum your seats and carpet. You should vacuum your upholstery and carpet thoroughly, including all seams. Reclining and moving the seat forward and backward will help you reach all parts. Remember to clean the carpeting in your trunk as well! Shampoo your carpets and mats, then use an upholstery cleaner to clean your fabric or leather seats. To save time, we recommend all-in-one cleaning products like once you’ve cleaned and conditioned all interior surfaces, except for your glass, and re-vacuum your seats, carpet, and floormats to pick up any debris have settled onto those surfaces while you were cleaning.

 For a quick and easy cleaning solution, use all-in-1 products. By spraying the wheels, tires, and engine with cleaner, you can spread brake dust and grime to other parts. Cleaning these surfaces first will allow you to wash off any mess later from your paintwork or other surfaces. It would be best to restore any mobile car valet cloudy taillight or headlight lenses before you wash painted surfaces. Detailing professionals can make a massive difference in this area. The fixed headlights can help a car look like new and improve its clarity at night for safe driving. Follow the instructions and use only a polishing solution designed for auto headlights. We recommend our Speed Headlight Lens Restorer Kit. If so, do you have any embedded contaminants preventing your finish from feeling glassy? Once you have dried your car, treat the clear coat using a special lubricant. 

You may see scratches, stains, or even oxidation. It should bead and slide away, but it will cling if it sticks to the paint; it will let you know if a fresh layer of protection wax is needed. It’s time to restore the exterior trim, including plastic and rubber. Trim Restorer breathes new life into hazy faded plastics and will lay down a shiny protective layer to preserve the appearance. The product works well on rubber hoses, door seals, and plastic trim. With an automotive glass cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, clean the inside and outside of your windscreen and windows. Do not forget the finishing touches. Roll down the windows a few centimeters and wipe the edge of each glass.

It’s time to get up, off your ass, and over to that mode of transportation for an intense scrubbing session. Being that we’re in a bit of a giving mood today, we’ve taken the time and put together a simplified DIY guide of sorts. A way in which one can learn how to correctly detail a vehicle via a series of logical steps, all accompanied by a series of tips and forewarnings designed just for beginners. That said, today, we’ll focus exclusively on deep-cleaning an automobile’s exterior and save the whole interior detailing discussion for another article. This way, we can keep both guides as informative and focused as possible, and in turn, you can have a spotless vehicle in record time. So let’s get cracking!

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