All gnosis that is cultivated is not by our doing

It is possible that you feel called to sacred knowledge or the Truth. A seeker must have a place to start, and an outline of laws and principles to guide them on their long journey. They also need a way to walk and some practices that will help. You will also need to find a mentor who is experienced in the journey and can guide you through the obstacles. You will also need a way to travel, and you’ll want a map. This Sufi Path is complete. This path is unique among the many others. Your first step into the world of Light, beauty, and love is about to be taken. You will be guided along by an inner voice that whispers, “I know this place. I remember.”

The teachings and the practices that we are sharing with you today were given to us by our spiritual guide, Shaykh Muhammad Sa id Al Jamal ar-rafa I ash -chaudhuri. His students call him Sidi. Our guide, helps us surrender and connect to God’s love. He is not جلب الحبيب العنيد للزواج a Guru, but a facilitator. He leads us to the only One worthy of praise. Although he is no longer in this world, the spirit of his teachings and guidance are available for those seeking to understand God. Sidi’s biography Sidi Muhammad Sa’id al–Jamal ar–rifa’i as–shadhili is the guide of peace, mercy, and love.

Guide to Allah’s way through the Sufi Path of the Shadhdhuliyyah Tariqah founded in Egypt by as-shaykh Ali Abu-l-Hasan as-shadhili, in the 13th century. Shaykh Ahmad Ar-rifa I is the ancestor of Shaykh Ali Abul Hasan as Shadhili, who was a descendant of Prophet Muhammad. Born in Tulkum, Holy Land, he is the Shadhili spiritual descendant of his Master and Guide, Shaykh Abdu-r-Rahman Abu-r-Risah, of Halab, Syria. He has been a leader in keeping Sufism as a living institution, a school of thought, and a source of spiritual knowledge alive. He restored in 1997 the 1,000-year-old Sufi Council which served the Holy Land.

Shaykh has lived in Jerusalem’s Holy City on the Mount of Olives for years. His teachings are profound, and they can be understood by anyone who is open-hearted and listens with a good heart. Seine’s teachings shed new light on Sufism’s reality and its importance to spread this message in our time. The Shaykh taught at al-Aqsa, the holy sanctuary in Jerusalem for many years. All Muslims are linked to this mosque through the Night Journey of Prophet Muhammad (al-Miraj). From the Ka ba of Mecca, he was brought to al-Aqsa Mosque. Many people in Palestine as well as in other parts of the world knew him. He was not only a teacher, counselor, and custodian of al-Aqsa but also its guardian.

Despite many attempts to destroy this Sacred Precinct in recent years, it has managed to remain a prayer place. Muslims from around the globe visit Jerusalem to pray in the Mosque and receive the blessing. Shaykh’s students and disciples are in America, Europe, and the Holy Land. But it was only in 1993 that he felt the call to go to other countries. 

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