We use a holistic approach to address our clients’ individual, business, legal, and regulatory needs. The close, long-standing relationships that we have with most of our clients give us an in-depth understanding of their values, as well as their objectives. Our clients regard us not just as their lawyers but as valuable, valued advisory group members. This is why we invest in each client relationship.

Dentons has represented family offices and individuals with high net worth across six continents. Our full-service global capability allows us to assist clients in managing matters in multiple jurisdictions. This is a requirement in today’s international market. We also engage with 新加坡 家族办公室 our clients in their local communities. Based on the client’s circumstances, we may create a “team” of lawyers from any of our practice areas.

Some of our family offices have had us serve as their outside general counsel or chief security officer. We bring to every situation a value-oriented philosophy and an innovative approach. Each client is unique, and we always consider them from their perspective.

Some of our clients also require us to provide services in the area of asset protection and family legal, such as valuation and conservation for heritage assets; pre-, post-nuptial, civil partner and other domestic agreements; divorce (alimony and division of marital property, child support), paternity suits, and arrangements regarding children with complex needs.

The following questions are designed to help family offices engage with their legal teams as they look to improve their structures and revise their legal strategies. This is not intended to be a complete list. However, it can help guide you in the right direction. You may need to ask additional questions depending on the complexity of each case. The success of every family office depends on knowing which questions to ask and when. There is no one correct answer in the family office world. Every family office should consider these dynamic questions.

You should take a few critical steps if you plan to sell your privately-owned business. An experienced team can help you avoid potential pitfalls and maximize the value of your business.

One of the most significant moments in a family’s or individuals life is when they sell a business. It can provide the basis for legacy-building and financial security for current and future generations. Or, it can be part and parcel of a strategy for dealing with a difficult situation. We will discuss the 14 most important points to remember when you sell your business.

Each family office is unique and designed to meet the needs of its principals. However, best practices exist that can be “fitted” to individual circumstances. We will discuss how to define “family office” and identify common characteristics for the most popular family office models. We hope this article will help you study, develop, and test real-world best practices for family office management.

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