Visit an incarcerated person

A sentencing Court can reduce 25% the sentence of an inmate who has been detained at St. Clair County Jail for more than 30 days and has completed at least half of his/her sentence. The corrections personnel can give the inmate the petition. After filling in the required information, the petition must be returned for processing to the corrections officers. This petition and a conduct report which are completed by the rehabilitation staff and corrections personnel will be returned to the corrections officer to be processed. The sentencing court may allow you to petition for a reduction.

All inmate funds will be taken upon admittance at the St. Clair County Jail and deposited into an inmate trust account. Purchases made from the commissary while the inmate is in incarceration are accounted for and deducted directly from the inmate’s Robert Presley Detention Center trust fund. An inmate’s release will result in a check being issued for the account balance. It will also include any medical expenses they may have incurred. Inmate property is only allowed to remain in a facility for 30 day after it has been transferred. The property of inmates cannot be released while they are being held. The Supervisor on-duty will consider special circumstances.

The booking officers can confiscate any personal property the inmate may have at the time they are admitted and will account for them. The property will be returned after the inmate has been discharged. The Jail is not permitted to have jewelry except for wedding rings if they were worn by an inmate during admission to The St. Clair County Jail.

St. Clair County Jail Medical request forms (RP-101) can be filled out by inmates who need medical or dental attention. These forms are available from the correctional personnel. This form will be sent to the on-duty correction officer, who will arrange for the inmate’s appointment with the St. Clair County Jail surgeon. If the inmate desires to see a private practitioner or seeks a second opinion concerning their medical problems, arrangements must made for the physician’s to arrive at the St. Clair County Jail. The inmate will be responsible for paying the St. Clair County Board of Commissioners the cost of any medical bills they may have incurred while in prison. Here are the inmate charges:

Indigent inmates shall refer to inmates with trust accounts that have an average of two (2) weeks’ balances of no more than two dollars. The inmate who is new and has no funds must wait for two weeks before obtaining the articles. Inmates who have been provided with these articles will receive funds. The cost of such items will be deducted directly from their trust accounts. Please note that clothing is only issued once.

Monday to Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. Notary work for indigent prison inmates will be performed. Indigent inmates who are able to receive funds will have the cost of the work automatically deducted from their accounts. Notarized copies and/or any papers will cost $3.00 each. Any additional copies will be charged at.50cents per page. Each inmate may only have two (2) stamped envelopes per week. Indigent inmates can ask the Correction Officer for an indigent form. Items, such as underclothing purchased from the commissary or other clothing, will be identified with the name and address of the inmate. Commissary privileges will be lost if underclothes are traded or given away by indigent prison inmates.

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