Essential Tips for Starting a Successful Home Salon

Learn about other salons around your area. Make sure to identify your most important competitors and meet with those who can help you. You could, for example, partner with a nearby nail shop if your services are limited to hair. In order to promote your salon, and build loyal customers, you will recommend their services. It can be a smart move to get your business started. For your salon to be successful, you may join forces with another stylist. Find a mentor to help guide you through the startup process, answer any questions and offer support.

The best salons also have a business partner. While you will be focused on hair styling, they will also be responsible for marketing and financials. Your hair salon will be more successful if each member focuses only on their respective niches. It’s easy to fall into a Parlor Home Service beauty trap when you can’t get to the salon for your two-monthly manicure, or routine color. You can also have some really therapeutic, self-care moments. Follow this expert advice to ensure that you are in the latter category.

We understand that gray roots and split ends can be acceptable. However, it is important to maintain the same style and color as your hair. It can be especially difficult to do so if you have a high-maintenance style such as layers or bangs. Or a hair color that is different from your natural. You do have options.

First, let your hair grow naturally. Then, make sure you take good care of it with deep conditioners, heat protectants, and scalp masks. The second option is to try a micro-cut.

Bradley Leake, celebrity hairstylist says “A simple clean-up of the ends can easily be done at your home if you have someone nearby who is willing to help with it.” This is what I call a micro-trim, as it’s a small trimming of the ends — typically less than a quarter of an inch. This is how you do it: Take 1/4 inch off the ends of your hair, starting at the ear. Then, use very sharp scissors to trim 1/4 inch.

Growing bangs out is a good option. However, if you must trim them, take it slow and methodically. Leake recommends that you style your hair as normal, and then split your bangs in an upside-down triangle. The fringe is the largest part.

“Use a wide tooth comb to avoid tension and keep your bangs flat on your forehead. This will ensure that they don’t become too short,” he advises. Keep the scissors vertical and cut through the hair, starting in the center. Then work your way outwards until you reach the desired length. To achieve a soft blend, I like to taper the edges. Keep in mind that less is always more.

You have the option to use temporary, semi permanent, or mild color treatments if you are planning to be at your salon in future. Tiffanie Riches, a master colourist for Nunzio Saviano Salon says that an at-home glossy is one option.

“If your hair is colored in-salon, and you have highlights, I strongly recommend you to speak with your colorist about using at-home glosses. Richards states that this product is great for those who don’t have hair colored and only want to brighten up their natural colors. Target has Kristen Ess’ gloss that I personally recommend to my clients. Being a colorist, she knows the simplicity required in an at home color product. They are available in a variety of colors and can be used in an in-shower manner.

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